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Umbo Corporate Identity Campaign

Creative Strategies

Target Audience

Potential Investors, Early Adopters

Creative Agency

Finger and Toe

The birth of "Light"

I was the main curator of this video campaign together with CEO and design director.

At the beginning, it was purely about getting the words out. By the time, we started to name our A.I. "Light."

I raised the question to rethink about how we want ourselves to be standing with from now to the future. Since there has always been a belief from the founding of Umbo, that our product is to connect the community and people meanwhile to uncover great things that happen silently everyday.

We decided to use motion graphic to tell a story of the key technology behind our services, deep learning, which by time was still a highly abstract concept to security industry and the users. With skillful and talented team from Finger and Toe, we completed and deliver the film that attracted more than 60k viewers on Vimeo, the film was even featured on Vimeo's landing page header.

Challenges A.I. based products are facing

After running multiple small campaigns on Facebook, we have received both applauses and doubts about the morality of applying deep learning on video security monitoring from the public. We want to give viewers' a different point of view.


What if a camera is more than just a monitoring instrument?

What if it were to help us to uncover more acts of empathy and supports through cameras with intelligence that extend our senses?

We here at Umbo care as much about humanity’s unseen beauty as our users do. Umbo Light is a young but friendly artificial intelligence maturing through its own learnings. We wish it grows further to strengthen both our public safety and community relationships, making our world a safer and happier place.

Brief of Video

We have built a world full of surveillance cameras to keep those who wrong us from getting away. And in this world, crimes no longer take place every day. But in doing so because its numbing familiarity we missed chances to learn about the grateful moments around us.


The symbol of "Light" has been presented along with multiple natural and artificial light sources in order to deliver both functional and abstract meaning of safety and joy in the video.


The color of the object that's been lit up in the video is closely associated with the visualization of our object segmentation technology.


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