Umbo Vision

 To reprise design of cutting-edge solution and reflect Umbo's passion for user-center design, the aesthetic of Umbo's DNA is designed to applied across multiple greeting materials.

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Communicating Umbo's brand vision with visual and prints was one of the most important mission in my early days in Umbo, I participated in the task of redesigning logo during seed series funding.


Apart from conventional corporations within the field, Umbo was a young rebel with great vision and talents. in the field. The logo needed to capture Umbo's DNA and spirits, it also needs to be playful enough that elicits curiosity.


With multiple phases of brainstorming and discussion, I worked with CEO and chief design director to search for the DNA that made up for current Umbo logo.

Design Strategies

In order to deliver professional attitude and authenticity of our security solutions, I translated the design of five colors logo into gradient visual languages, making use of foil's subtle rainbow glow that interact with audience's view angles. The ever-changing shine of logo also represent such responding quality lies in Umbo's core A.I. technology.




2016 - 2018



Azury Lin, Aragon Chen, Wendy Wang, Jonathan Yu

Umbo Computer Vision

My Roles


Creative Strategy, Content Strategy, Visual Design

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