City of Thoughts

City of Thoughts invites visitors of ISC West 2018 to make comments on the events they care. In order to capture a panorama view of everyday events, City of thoughts recreate events on the wall, translating digital experience into a post-in activities that intrigue people to rethink about security and community from ordinary aspects.

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International Security Conference (ISC West) is one of the most prestigious professional security show in the States, I have been supervise Umbo's booth design and strategies since the beginning. Umbo has been to going to multiple international shows since 2015, and has won three product and technology award in the ISC West.


It is easy to present all of your available information during the show, but a new company like us surrounded by prevailing corporation, delivering our key message and solution in a vivid and elegant way says more than telling everything.

 In the world of comparing the specifications of product, we want to make sure our voice of emotional care is heard.

Image is the concept of Umbo's booth design in ISC West 2018.

"What's the red people about?"

The area that generated the most traffic are greeted by the demonstration of our state-of-art technology, computer vision, behind our solutions. We were able to ignite people's curiosity and invite them to think of application of this type of technology. It was a corner to give a short and efficient intro to whoever stopped by.

"This is how it can help you."

Second section right next to the highest traffic area is for an elaborate walkthrough to review Aqua's top features. It is where visitors would get a deeper understanding of what our solution is and how it can help you.

Our business development lead presenting our solution to a system integrator who is interested in how Umbo's browser based solution Aqua works with the mobile app.

"Let's collaborate!"

The center is an area where visitors became partners of Umbo. They are surrounded by relax settings, surrounded by minimal graphics of product applications and testimonial stories. No more yet no less, we design the experience to invite friendships instead of business targets.

Interactive Wall

The wall on the rear side was a huge light box wall that was covered with an every day city scene where there are all sorts of activities happening. 

We ask people to:

  1. Pick a speech bubble post-it

  2. Find events you think is interesting

  3. Write down you comment, or what you think the subjects were concerned about.


City of thoughts

Visitors are invited over to the rear wall when our staff finished talking to them, here they closed a conversation with a delight anecdote.







Azury Lin, Wendy Wang, Ultra Design,

Umbo Computer Vision

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