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The official company website I designed to present Umbo’s current solutions in the market, core technology and company stories along with recruitment bulletin.   

UI.UX Design  |  Web Design  |  Content Strategy


 Why does cloud matters? 


At the beginning of designing a page to present Umbo’s story, not a single product was launched by the time. In order to get our face out there, we applied single page format as trial of bigger picture of the product that will launch in the future. Clear infographics of our solution was what mattered because no one had seen Umbo’s product yet, a straightforward summary of what we do proved to be more effective than some splash marketing slogan in B2B business.


2015, Before product launched. 

2016, After product launched. 

Design Goals

 There’s a why for every information we provide. 


We don’t just put information on website because we think people need it, since Umbo is a solution company that user to acquire hardware and software to work as a whole, it is important to inform customers why is is important. Moreover, educating system integrators so they will be able to educate their customers. 

What is Umbo?

What do we offer

What others say?

How to get started?

Reserve a demo

Why we do what we do, and why is it important?


Homepage provides an immediate summary of the followings:

  1. Who Umbo is

  2. Core solutions

  3. Why is what we do important

  4. Let's get started

Content Strategy

 Let qualitative insights talk

We interview our sales representatives and customer support to collect the top most-asked questions from first time customers. This help the team and stakeholders to understand what users concern, and how do we communicate relevant information together with our branded stories to them.

 SmartCloud - SaaS Solution

Most customers visit our site to grab a sneak peek of what we offer, and contact sales for further consultancy. We listed what will receive the most attention from security service.

Responsive Design

 Samples of responsive design

We differentiated some content interaction based on device type to get the best reading results.


Design of Infographics

 Fundamental symbols help digest information

In order to help digest information better and easier, I designed symbols and infographic for almost every concept presented in the pages. We tried to avoid over conceptual symbols, and tested internally wether a symbol can convey 80% of the information to the readers.






Azury Lin, Vincent Ho, Doris Liao, Jonathan Yu

Umbo Computer Vision

My Roles


Information Architecture, Interaction Design, UI Design, Infographic Visuals, Content Strategy

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