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i'm azury, a multidisciplinary design strategist advocating for humanity-centered design of emerging technologies and social challenges.


Designed and led co-design workshops with project stakeholders to strengthen trust and empathy across the teams and users. Clients and companies that I worked with before enjoyed my services included but not limited to: ethnographic research, empathy building, iterative design approach, low and high fidelity prototyping, facilitating and designing co-design workshops.


I graduated from Parsons Design School with a B.F.A. degree in product design. While pursuing my master degree at MIT, I applied both product and communication design expertise and new skills such as data processing and system design to industry-sponsored projects with greater emphasis on solving climate and social issues.


I bring together my product design expertise and years of practice of design thinking to convert product visions and field research into final applications in a fast-paced environment. I have focused on gaining diverse types of design experience that foster integrated vision, I help craft systemic design solutions, which may

more details about my experience

current focus

Applying systemic thinking to design and facilitating more collective conversations necessary to enable sustainable living; Continue to explore roles in which design can play to reduce social inequity.

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